Update your Personal Profile Information

This information will enable us to update your Skills and Experience on your Profile Page

Completing this online form enables us to update your profile with all new skills or experiences we want to include to really make your profile shine!  Put your best foot forward for all our clients looking and be sure you are found in all the searches.

  • Include your acting and performance experiences and courses.
  • Include your Nationality, ethnicity and accents you are capable of.
  • Note any languages you speak fluently, in conversation, can read or can just get by with.

After our agency has received your update for Personal Experience & Skills we will update your profile and notify you when it’s done.  Super Simple 🙂


If you do NOT have an online profile with us yet please use our Register Interest Form which captures all the information we need to represent you.  We will then be in touch to discuss representation with you.  This information is then used create an online profile if you agree to joining Exposure Talent.