Our agency supplies dynamic mountain, land, air, and water sporting professional talent and enthusiasts who gravitate and thrive in this incredible playground known as the Adrenalin Capital of The World. These sporting professionals, body doubles and stand-ins help in the creative production of many stunt action visual scenes on filming jobs and media photoshoots.

Our skilled talent includes:
AIR ACTION: paragliders, skysurfers, free-fallers, hang-gliders, pilots, skydivers
WATER ACTION: swimmers, canoeists, sailors, kayakers, kite-surfers, scuba divers, fishermen, riverboarders, paddle boarders, surfers
LAND: rock climbers, boulder climbers, triathletes, mountain bikers, road cyclists, runners, gymnasts, hikers, roller skaters, horse riders, wranglers, motocross, boxing, rugby, soccer, netball, basketball, cross fit, hunters, skateboarders, dancers, martial arts, aerial and circus acrobats, slackliners, yogis, pilates instructors
SNOWSPORTS: mountaineers, expert freestyle, trickster, off-piste, trail snowboarders and skiers, snowshoers, cross-country skiers, ice climbers, snowmobile riders, ice hockey, ice skaters