Contract of Agreement

This Registration automatically creates a Personal Profile for our database and website.

This Registration includes an Exclusive Agency Contract of Agreement for your representation. 

Please contact us directly to discuss our representation if you have questions about being exclusively represented by Exposure Talent & Model Agency.

Please read and fill in as much as you can.  Providing detail about your experience and special skills enables us to represent you with greater expertise and confidence.  Personal details are non public, and only for our administration records.

After our agency has received your registration and Personal Profile, we will be in touch to confirm and discuss your model/talent representation and media opportunities.

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  • Contract of Agreement

  • Between Exposure Talent Agency “Exposure” and you “Talent”
    A. Exposure will act as agent for the Talent in obtaining performing/modelling roles for the Talent.
    B. The Talent wishes to engage Exposure to seek performing/modelling roles on their behalf.

    “Exposure”means Exposure Talent Agency “Talent” means individual engaged in this contractual agreement.
    “Client” means client of Exposure who seeks the service of the Talent for any role within the film, TV, advertising and media industry.

    1.1. To be represented by Exposure in obtaining talent and/or modelling roles;
    1.2. To pay commission to Exposure of 20% on Gross earnings from any work obtained as specified on all job offers.
    1.3. Exposure is authorised to negotiate roles on the Talent’s behalf and all such negotiations will be carried out through Exposure; and
    1.4. To authorise Exposure to enter into agreements and sign contracts with Clients on behalf of the Talent.

    2. PAYMENT
    2.1. Exposure shall collect the fee from the Client and deduct the commission and withholding tax prior to paying the balance to the Talent’s nominated bank account.
    2.2. Exposure shall pay the withheld tax to IRD on the Talent’s behalf
    2.3. Exposure shall pay GST on all GST registered talent
    2.4. It is the Talent’s responsibility to:
    2.4.1. Supply an invoice if GST registrated.
    2.4.2. Submit his or her own tax & GST return to the IRD;
    2.4.3. Pay and arrange any ACC levies if required;
    2.4.4. Complete an IR330 submitted to Exposure before payment can be made;
    2.4.5. To sign job timesheets where required.

    3.1. Hours of work vary depending on job requirement.
    3.2. Talent confirmed for a job will be contacted by Exposure prior to filming to confirm availability.

    4.1. Exposure will contact the Talent directly regarding any suitable job opportunities and will explain what is required.
    4.2. The Talent will regard any briefs, scripts and storyboards as being strictly confidential.
    4.3. The Talent may be required to attend a confirmed audition time wearing the appropriate wardrobe request.

    5.1. The Talent acknowledges and agrees Exposure will be the sole agent exclusively representing the Talent and will not enter into any agreement with any agent during the term of this arrangement without Exposure’s prior consent.

    6.1. Should this agreement be cancelled the Talent acknowledges and agrees there is a 30 day stand down period before the Talent can engage or be represented by another Model agent. Notice is to be in writing.
    6.2. Exposure reserves the right to invoice for and collect commissions on any work negotiated and/or contracted during the term of this agreement.

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