You’ve probably got a few questions…

How much does it cost to join?

There are NO JOINING FEES for Exposure Talent.

We simply take a 20% commission from any work that we arrange for you.

How does it work?

We keep it simple for you.  After speaking with one of our agents, we create an online profile for you which is added onto our database and available for casting agents and coordinators, photographers and various other agencies. Our Agency is contacted by a wide range of casting directors, photographers, marketing companies and advertisers for TV, film, photography, media and event/promotional work.

Our agency provides photo profiles to our clients of anyone suitable and available for their job opportunities. Once photo selection has been made there may be a small casting process known as an audition which our agency will explain and coach you through in support of hopefully getting chosen. Generally, no acting skills are required depending on the role.  Everything is explained, negotiated and contracts in place for transparency.

The production crew will look after your needs and wellbeing throughout the job with the intention of providing a comfortable and fun experience.

Upon completion of the work, the client pays Exposure Agency and we will pay you, immediately after we receive payment, into your bank. Our agency is responsible for paying Tax for those with an IRD Number, pay GST on invoices supplied and deduct the standard agency 20% commission, known as the booking fee.

Too easy!

Do I need to get proper photos?

It is an advantage to supply us with good clear RECENT photos – no sunglasses, no hats – which you feel are a  good representation of what you look like now.  High Resolution images are best.

We can arrange to meet at our office/studio and help you with photos at no cost and can change, update or add more to your profile over time.  Simply email new photos to us.

If you do have previous commercial, model or professional images, include these when you register with us.

It is important to regularly update your photos and inform us if you have changed your appearance.  Children and Teens should have their images updated several times a year as they grow and change so quickly. 

Do I need experience?

Experience is not a necessity!

You may have the right looks or skills for a particular job Opportunity!

Acting skills may be required for some roles, we will only submit talent with Acting Experience for these roles.  As the agency has a reputation for supplying a diverse range of talent from background extras, professional models, Actors for acting roles, sportsmen & women for fitness scenes, we are always welcoming new people, of all looks, ethnicity, skills, and ages.

We value everybody’s uniqueness!

How Do I update my online profile?

Ensuring your online profile has all your current and relevant information is key to marketing yourself well.  Our clients are looking to see current images, new skills, and location details.  If anything changes in your world which isn’t being reflected on your profile, it is in your BEST INTERESTS to let us know.

We are constantly in contact reminding about new photos or informing of new jobs coming up and that is your opportunity to send through your updated photos via email or whatsapp to us.  Changing your hairstyle or hair colour, growing or removing a beard, adding a tattoo or moku are all important features our clients want to know about when considering you.

If you develop new skills or experiences which you want to promote on your profile, we can do that for you.  Send through your details to us via email to janey@exposuretalent.co.nz.  We will add these to your profile at the first opportunity.